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Take time to navigate in each of our sections to explore our real estate information bank in the Laval area. Our site offers a direct access to the last properties available in Fabreville area and included information on the community, links for consumers, free information documents, answers to the most frequently asked questions in the real estate and more. This is the only place where you can find all the information on Laval’s real estate.

That you are a first buyer or an experimented investor, you will find useful information on different subjects, such as: How to choose the ‘’right’’ property, make an offer, negotiate, finance, interest rates, the moving, and all that concerns taking the right decision in the actualy market.

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Welcome on our real estate broker from Laval website! A informative website on all real estate aspects. The team Sandy and Joey from Via Capitale are real estate brokers from laval with a high level of professionalism who draws the line on what a transaction with no hustle should be. We putted together a unique marketing process and innovator. Follow our blog, our guests, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, Notary and many other real estate specialists. You want to sell? contact us. Your real estate brokers from Montreal, Laval and north shore..


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